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Jan. 30, 2014, 6:41 a.m. -  -C-

#!markdown Agreed, I got given one of these, and still didn't wear it. It was a terrible coat. My list of issues included: Hood was too big for head, but too small for over helmet, without the jacket looking like a crop top. Zip was too stiff on the front and bunched & bulged badly. Not actually that waterproof (compared to proper hi value waterproof coats) Breathability was virtually non existent. One of the seams on the sleeve wasn't even attached to the other panel, I had to iron them together. No chest pocket Pilling occurred almost immediately. Odd sizing. The medium was way too small and the large was very generous. Lastly the price! Were they on crack? Using a Montane now. Fit aside, as that's personal, it's better in every way.

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