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May 27, 2014, 10:45 a.m. -  boomforeal

#!markdown i got a chance to pick arthur's brain last year on a rainy ride up fromme. one of the jewels he dropped is that each company's suspension requires a different approach based on the character and quality of the pieces they use: spring, dampers, etc. he mentioned that with a fox air shock, you're better off using a softer spring rate and more damping, whereas with marzocchi, it's pretty much the opposite story… odd that despite going through the trouble of flying everyone out to moab to ride, fox wouldn't have gone over basic setup technique and tips to help you get things dialed in. on the flip side, it's probably even more helpful for readers to have this related as experience, rather than company tech talk, as the rc2 takes more time and effort than many other, simpler dampers, to get set up properly… but the end result it worth it in my experience

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