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June 24, 2014, 9:24 a.m. -  sir HUCK-A-LOT

#!markdown For those scoffing at the price, figure this: if you show up with a bike in a box most airlines charge you $100 extra for bike. Thats $200 each trip. You do three trips with this bag and its paid off. I fly a LOT for work, and bring one of my bikes often with me. If you check-in online ahead of time, select how many bags you are checking, all you do at the airport is print bag tags and hand them over. They'll ask whats in the bag "work materials" and you're on your way to oversize to drop the bag. Customs will always ask you to open your bike bag so they can see whats in there, so packing things well is important and will save you a hassle. The EVOC bag is great for travel, i've yet to have an issue on over 15 round trips with it. Bonus is you dont need a SUV or truck rental on the other size. Bag slides into the bag seat of most compact cars at the rental shops.

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