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July 28, 2014, 8:16 p.m. -  Olywajim

#!markdown Here is a photo of my last HD when I sold it. It has an air shock on it in the pic.. I sold the coil shock separately. After selling the HD I picked up a '13 S Works Enduro. I preferred the shorter CS and lower BB of the Enduro, but it was a horrible climber in comparison to the HD. I sold the Enduro last summer, while it still had resell value(26″). After riding some high end 650 bikes I was a bit underwhelmed. The bigger wheels have a little better cornering traction and the roll over is a little better too, but I couldn't get passed the overly stable feeling and lethargy of the 650 wheels. Kind of felt like riding a 29er - better in some ways, but not in others and most important to me the 650(and 29) wheelers weren't as much fun to ride. I am sure that the bigger wheels are faster at the races though, but not by much. So, I recently bought a decked out and mint 26″ HD for a fraction of the cost it would have been a year ago. While everyone jumps on the 650 wagon there is a fire sale going on in the high end 26″ bike market right now. Score. I am sure I'll end up on a 650b eventually though, maybe.

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