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Dec. 16, 2016, 12:01 p.m. -  ExtraSpecialandBitter

#!markdown I know, I'm trying to play devils advocate to illustrate that lines could quickly blur. Your definition of e-bikes vs. motorbikes was incorrect (as per the ICBC link), and the Specialized Levo should be defined as a Low Speed Motorcycle and have a license plate and registration to reflect that. Or if it's OK to cross that 500W line, then where do you stop? What's the maximum allowable assist while still calling it an e-bike? If we change the maximum allowable for one company, do we also bump it up later when someone only exceeds it by 6%? How about after that? What about removing just one or two of the other requirements to make something an e-bike? I mean it's still a bicycle so long as you sell it and market it as a bicycle, right? Pedals, cranks, bell? This is not as black and white as you want to see it.

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