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Nov. 4, 2014, 8:17 a.m. -  David Reid

#!markdown Its going to be an interesting next couple of years watching how this plays out. The rules of the playground are not concrete in many areas. For instances in Squamish, Crumpet woods is a multi-use trail system between trial riders and Mtb-ers. It shoudn't work, but does, as the trials riders are looking for a different type of ride (not focused on speed, but technical difficulty and/or hard climbs) and are not that interested in the XC mtb arteries in that zone. Once you have an engine, suddenly ups - are just as fun as the down. The interesting thing, is once you realise that you want the bike to ride up as well as down, the bike will become an electric trials bike (which are already available). At the moment, the electric mtb's seem lost to me, and disdainfully looked at by mtb-ers, and moto riders alike. To me they are the moped of the forest. Probably fun, but embarrassing to be seen on.

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