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Nov. 4, 2014, 8:28 a.m. -  mightyted

#!markdown I see E-bikes as a niche market for riders with injuries or other limitations. If I saw someone riding up Fromme on one I would probably just assume there was something going on there where they weren't able to pedal up on their own power. My concern would be that it would appeal to a beginner level rider looking to start MTBing to get into shape. So big fella buys one for 6k+ plus and keeps it because they don't resale well due to battery life issues. Then big fella never achieves the benefit of the sport because all he rides is his little motor bike. The short of it, if you're looking to improve your fitness by trying MTBing, start with easier trails, not easier bikes. And I would never poo-poo on for posting these sorts of articles. It's up to the consumer to put some thought into how they spend their money, not NSMB's job to shelter us from certain marketing.

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