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Nov. 4, 2014, 9:16 a.m. -  DrewM

#!markdown Really? I don't comment on articles I don't read… I read a glowing review of the experience of riding the bike coupled with a wishy-washy "no black and white" overview of potential access issues without actually putting any skin in the game. No? "everyone's first reaction… Is a huge smile" "A misconception is that you aren't able to get any exercise on an e-bike but that is garbage" "I just went further and faster" "works seamlessly and soon feels natural" "… I could change direction easily, bunny hop over obstacles, corner aggressively and attack steep sections" "I only road it once with my buddies… Otherwise they were too damn slow and there was no point in crushing them on the climb only to sit and wait twenty minutes for them to arrive…" Oh but wait… "a test does not an endorsement make." Really -- you don't read this article as an endorsement? "Mandatory climbs make trails less accessible… E-bike could easily knock off twice as many laps… further burdening trail maintainers." BUT "only… if it turns out these bikes become very popular, and that is anything but certain… it could be bad." What is certain is that the industry is going to try damn hard to make these bikes popular through marketing budgets (advertising) and sending products out for testing… if a review like this one sells one more E-Offroad bike and there are access issues in the future, where do you stand?

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