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Nov. 4, 2014, 11:52 a.m. -  tw

#!markdown I think these newish technologies (dare I call it that) present a sort of checks and balances problem. If these bikes are on the trail I can foresee: A significant increase in trail conflicts with not just riders but hikers, landowners, dogs etc. A significant increase in injuries and the need for rescue. One comment touches this, but it takes some real skill to pilot a pig of a bike on these trails, and if you need the motor to get up…… These two things will inevitably increase the interests and involvement of political bodies, the very ones NSMBA was designed to engage. I think the e bike solution is simpler than it looks: if there is a chairlift, you may use your e bike on those trails. Otherwise, you are out. …….if you can't use an e-bike for enduroooooooo……..

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