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Nov. 4, 2014, 1:04 p.m. -  Still Anonymous

#!markdown First: NSMB posted your article on the front page, so I believe I am right in imputing this article to the website as a whole. NSMB, like every organization, is made up of individuals. And enough individuals thought this was a sufficiently meretricious article to put on the landing page. Thus, I'm imputing this article to NSMB as a whole, as I do not believe you are a rogue agent acting against the wishes of NSMB. Second: I stand by my comment that bike tests are advertising. Bike companies give you bikes because you'll test them, write about them, all in the hopes of increasing sales. Yes I know you are not hired by the companies to do this, but if bike (or car, or anything else) reviewers don't write favorable reviews they wouldn't get bikes to review. When this becomes a pay site and you buy your review bikes I will then believe you are completely objective. (I'm not saying this is inherently bad, but there is and always will be bias in these reviews) Third: You and I both know the "cost us traffic" line is bs. I'm willing to bet this is one of your most heavily clicked articles all week. You knew this article would be inflammatory, and will do nothing but make your numbers look better.

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