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Nov. 4, 2014, 1:07 p.m. -  Mark Obsniuk

#!markdown Wow what a thread. One thing I noticed which I didn't think about with the previous article is trail usage. Rick at Lynn Valley bikes told me a story about an eBike rider who was doing laps around lost lake. They did a lap or two to about 10 of the eBike rider. To me this just screams motor assisted is the wrong way to go here. We'd have to dramatically increase the trail networks to support the things. Kaz's story about the thing causing a crash is not to be taken lightly as well. Sure lack of familiarity is something that led to the incident. Ones fitness and abilities acts as a natural filter. As one person mentioned they foresee people getting into trouble much more easily then before. In the end I think there needs to be caution here. Many people seem to be worried about the future trail access. There have been two articles about eBikes and many people conjecturing about the access issues. What I would like is to have an article that investigates the trail access issue. I've been out of that world for over a decade. There are others who have a better relationship with the powers that control trails around here.

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