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Nov. 4, 2014, 2:06 p.m. -  Nouseforaname

#!markdown Cam, I know that you are making a counterpoint to the 'no motors allowed' viewpoint of Ebike detractors. Just because motors are 'acceptable' on chairlifts or in a shuttle truck, doesn't change whether or not the bikes themselves should (or not) be allowed motorized access to bike trails. You can't shuttle the trails I usually ride, and they are better for it. If they were shuttle accessible, I'd probably shuttle them, because I AM lazy, and I know others would too. Then they'd be the same awful trenches that define beaten down trails, needing years of TAP-like resurrection. One of the big issues bike trails face around here is Moto access - trails used by Motos are nobodies idea of fun to pedal. Ebikes are not appropriate on any trail that is a pedal bike trail. I'm willing to bet that even some of the super armoured Seymour and Fromme trails would see extra wear and tear with extended use by Ebikes; and if they do then what of the rest? It wasn't cool when it was that Emotorbike with Monster Ts on, it's not cool now. I hope I'm not being too knee jerky or accusatory towards you - and I hope that you don't feel that this is personal.

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