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Nov. 7, 2014, 11:39 p.m. -  DrewM

#!markdown Cam, an interesting re-examination (I should note someone else, sadly had to point it out) of your review (and before you object re. my not thoroughly reading it, yes I noted your comments re. the cockpit and wanting to see how the bike rides out of the box and caveats for headangle and fork spec): Namely, on a site that is generally reviewing sub-30 pound carbon super bikes with modern geo -- or at least in the interns cases bikes that are approaching 4k with updates and have modern geo -- would we (ignoring the motor for a second -- when "Descending [you] usually turned the system off") accept this reaction - on NSMB - of a bike with a relatively steep head angle, a Fox 32, a long stem, narrow bar, and any weight over ~35lbs (never mind 47)? "The Ride - Down: I could change direction easily, bunny hop over obstacles, corner aggressively and attack steep sections" I think it's the super-positive review of the bike itself (as much as raving about the motorized experience) that set my bullsh*t meter off -- it just seems out of place compared to other bikes reviews.

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