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Nov. 7, 2014, 11:58 p.m. -  Rivers Mitchell

#!markdown Back that shit up with data. What I am saying is that everyone against it sounds like hikers when MTB started…"they (mountain bikes) are so much faster, and cause much more erosion!", see the similarities? That's all I am saying. You sound like hikers and equestrians when mountain bikes started showing up on their trails, scared of what these new machines will do to "your" trails. It took a long time but we are now starting to gain their trust, we have shown with scientific studies that we do no more damage than they do….do you think these studies were done on gravel roads and doubletrack….nope. Hey Drew….I got one of these for ya… <> Does this mean I think they should be on the trails, no. I said they look fun and I would like to test one out for myself so I can talk about them with a little more knowledge. They are a motorized vehicle and they do not belong on trails that do not allow them. Period. There are tons of areas to still ride them legally and I would MUCH rather see these up in the hills than a full on moto, you can't roost these bad boys, no gas smell or noise pollution, very nice. But a MTB they are not.

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