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Nov. 6, 2014, 3:09 p.m. -  Jerryek

#!markdown DrewM, There is a difference between a head-to-head test and comparing a bike to other similar bikes on the market. I think comparisons are really useful, especially to those of use reading these things that might be looking to buy a new bike. If you believe that all those variables you listed make comparing bikes highly subjective, then why would you even read a bike review? Obviously all the things you mentioned are factors. But if those factors make a comparison way too subjective, wouldn't those same factors make a single bike review just as subjective? Its all subjective! As long as a reviewer contextualizes their opinions (as Pete did in this review), there is nothing wrong with comparing bikes. You can compare similar bikes without identifying a 'winner'. Even the old MBA shootouts would contextualize their ratings based on different types of terrain, riding styles, and body types. I always compare bikes I've had the chance to try with bikes I've owned or ridden in the past. Saying that its too subjective is a cop out.

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