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July 21, 2015, 7:52 a.m. -  David Max

#!markdown Hi Pete, I realize this is an old review, but I just re-read it to get excited since I have a shiny new, black Nomad frame sitting in my house waiting for a set of wheels and a few other key components. I was wondering if you ever ended up doing any further testing on the Nomad with a Cane Creek Shock or the DVO diamond like you mentioned in your review? If so it would be really great to hear what you though of them. I was also wondering if you had any plans to test out a Push 11-6 since they are available locally through Suspension Werx? There is a thread in the Santa Cruz forum on MTBR that seems to suggest that it is the a wonder shock powered by pixie dust and that it does everything for you including your laundry and sending your wife flowers. It would be really interesting to hear a review from someone that doesn't have an inherent interest in justifying the $1200 US they just spent on a shock.

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