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Nov. 14, 2014, 10:38 a.m. -  Gordon Berg

#!markdown "In case you missed it, work on advanced trails is on the horizon…" This is good news, but the above is the last sentence at end of the article, orphaned below a photo- and this sentence did not appear in the same Pinkbike segment. Lever up advanced $ donations by making more of a mention in the body of the Release- IMO. If only donators could "assign" their donations to a "For Advanced Trails Only" category on submission with a check mark. This would provide the NSMBA a first metric of where people are willing to put their money- albeit into this bucket, or any other buckets you determine. As I have indicated to the Upper Lands Working Group, you cannot manage what you cannot measure. Hence the MTB Cypress Survey, and the document that followed as an introductory view as to the state of Cypress. If we could get the voice of the members of the NSMBA to give input, then, I think it goes a long way for the Directors to keep a pulse on the membership. Being the voice of the North Shore community also has a flip side, being open to listening. Maybe a NSMBA SurveyMonkey survey is in the off'ing?… I still have the capability (Survey Monkey Pro account) to undertake for the NSMBA should you be interested. But I do not know what I do not know about running the association. Just a random thought.

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