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May 17, 2015, 4:10 p.m. -  DrPete61W

#!markdown If you compare hard-core to hard core, even the most expensive of mountain bikes has got nothing on golf. Yeah, the $4000 set of clubs is nothing compared to a $10K bike, but figure in the cost of playing at THE golf course (often hundreds of dollars for a round), the disposable $5-a-pop balls, the country club membership, etc and I have to believe that golf still takes it. Many clubs are thousands a month just to be a member-and they still charge you for the golf cart! And of course you're not a serious golfer if you play at JUST your home club, so you're still paying greens fees on top of that membership. Then there's the simple fact that the people I ride with are just flat-out cooler than anyone I've ever met on the golf course. 😉

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