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Dec. 3, 2014, 3:40 a.m. -  Luis HernĂ¡n Otegui

#!markdown Spot on article. As DrewM said before me, just sharing the trails with hikers begs to be educated enough to salute those you cross when riding. But keeping the etiquette with those of your own kind is mandatory, especially when those folks could be the ones handing you that chain breaker you could swear you stashed in your backpack before leaving home, or in a simpler way, good people to share a drink and a laugh after the ride. I try to pass this to the newer generations we encounter down our local trail system, when we say we must share the trails, it's not some sort of unwritten traffic law. It's about sharing the EXPERIENCE. And part of that is communicating with those you run into down the path. Some time ago I met one of the best riders I know that way, when he was taking a break and helped me correct my jumping technique. We're close friends from that day on, and almost ten years have passed…

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