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Dec. 3, 2014, 7:46 p.m. -  pud

#!markdown I was out on a local trail in Squamish during the summer (credit line). I was stopping on the side of the trail to raise my seat and a couple of lycra clad xc dudes come up. I say "Hey, hows it going?" the first one rode right by me without a word, the second guy briefly glanced and barely said hi as he went by. I was thinking what the heck is their problem? I don't wear lycra when I ride, nor do I have an xc bike (burlier AM bike), but I didn't think just because I am not so xc that I didn't deserve their time. So they proceed on up the trail and clean a pretty difficult climb. Needless to say I was impressed because I haven't seen anyone do it before. I follow along and I get to the top of the climb and start the descent. Around a couple of corners I come up on them because the first guy has gone OTB on a little rock roll. The other guy is explaining to him how he approaches the obstacle, so I stop and say "wow that climb was impressive, nice one." This time they choose not to look at me, ignore me all together and keep on talking about the roll. I couldn't believe that even though they were stopped, that they still decided not to talk to me. I rode by them and didn't see them again, but I couldn't help myself from thinking about what our world has come to when people act like that towards others on the trail.

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