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Dec. 3, 2014, 8:22 p.m. -  NatBrown

#!markdown I almost always ride on my own and pretty much every ride manage to share at least a greeting with every trail user I cross paths with. So, while I don't think there's a cultural problem in the areas I have ridden (North Shore and around Brisbane, Australia), I would hate for one to develop. I'll actually go further to say that as a consequence of my experience I feel that MTB has an awesome sport in terms of culture. As a keen viewer of world cups and FMB events it seems that way at the top too. Anyway, I don't mean to trash this piece- I like it. Of course I have experienced and viewed exceptions to what I wrote above, and it always irks me when someone ignores a hello on the trails or is an ass on camera. I grew up surfing in Australia and my experience of the culture there was awful. I'd dearly like MTB culture to stay somewhat as it is now.

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