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Dec. 6, 2014, 1:46 p.m. -  AndrewR

#!markdown I am having a 'mare with dusk/ afternoon trail runners at the moment, I am climbing as hard as I can, trying to get my pre-ski season fitness (puffing like a chain smoker), riding my side of the double track and the next thing I know I have a trail runner in my handle bars and face because they have taken the downhill inside line on a blind corner and they are running with head phones in so did not hear me. Multi-use double track, if you are going take 20% of your senses away at dusk by wearing headphones then you had better be using the other 80% properly. I just nod, check they are okay (a stem in the ballsack or stomach has to hurt somewhat) and continue my ride. One of them even got at me for not having my lights on the other day at three in the afternoon. I thought "pot-kettle" (he wasn't wearing anything hi-vis) but just thanked him for the reminder and rolled on my way. If I read "trail runner eaten by cougar" in the local paper I will only hope that cougar did not hurt his teeth on the MP3 player.

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