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Sept. 1, 2015, 8:59 a.m. -  dfiler

#!markdown I totally agree, our culture views introversion negatively, perhaps even bordering on contempt. For some reason, especially in America, introversion is seen as something to be changed or "fixed". It is seen as a shortcoming. That isn't true everywhere. In my opinion it is unjustified to want everyone else to conform to your own preferred way of socializing. Silent trail users aren't hurting anyone and have no ill-intent. They aren't being rude and have no affect on your day. Why turn their silent passing into a controversy? Why get worked up over it? Personally, I sometimes only offer a head nod or a grunt. I am willing to bet that other people sometimes don't see or hear my response or greeting and then throw a hissy fit. Whatever. If they want to ruin their own day because someone doesn't conform to their selfish expectations, so be it. I don't hate them but also don't see any reason to change my harmless behavior. I'm happily enjoying the woods and they should be too.

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