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Dec. 20, 2014, 1:06 p.m. -  DrewM

#!markdown Interesting that you thought the review was a ["savaging"]. Other than the fork issues, I thought the conclusions were pretty predictable based on past reviews by the two authors. Particularly, if I may be so bold as to para-one- phrase, that Pete found the rear suspension too stiff but liked the suspension performance better than Cam did. Yeti's SB rear suspension design is very linear and for maximum performance needs to be run very firm (sag) with the fork set up similarly (firmer & faster). They climb very well, and they are relatively "dead" feeling bikes when descending ("Active, yet firm racy feeling" as Steve said). The performance is very good especially when the bike is being pushed hard and if you prefer a stiff, "racy', feel, or a longer travel bike with the get-up-and- go of a short travel bike they are a great choice. If you prefer to ride bikes that are very soft off the top, have good mid- stroke support, and ramp very hard in the end (a la Specialized Enduro, Nomad V3) you probably won't like the Yeti SB. If you prefer to ride bikes that run a lot of sag (~30%+) and sit in a "pocket" while pedaling (like the Giant Reign, Intense Tracer?) with your fork set-up to match (Pike @ ~25% sag?) you probably won't like the Yeti SB. If you want a bike that can be ridden very fast/hard with aggressive "Enduro" geometry but you prefer a more linear suspension set-up and prefer to run your suspension firm (like a Yeti) then the Yeti SB may be the bike for you!

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