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March 25, 2016, 12:54 a.m. -  Daddy Fras

#!markdown Hey, firstly, apologies for cutting into a year old thread - I just couldn't find a better place to ask this! I've been riding a Nomad 3 for nearly a year now - it's an amazing downhill bike. I found that the Monarch didn't really do what I wanted it to (that may have been a hangover from the feeling that it underperformed on my previous Process 153) so i fitted a CCDB air CS, and have been loving the way it gobbles very rough terrain, and generally handles any trail with very good manners (I'm sure it makes me feel like a much better downhiller than I really am. But there's a catch. I race this thing quite a lot, and here in NZ, almost all of the enduro stages will treat you to 20-30% of flat or uphill riding. Every time I smash some grade 5 technical downhill, feeling like it's the fastest I've ever ridden in, only to feel the places drop away on some climb or 2km flat sprint at the end of it. So, today I had the chance to ride an SB6c, and good lord that thing can pedal. I had the loathsome strava running, and kicked all of my uphill times by a large margin - without really trying, and feeling fine at the top. Interestingly, I had a 2016 5010 to demo at the same time, and that, by comparison, felt sluggish on the same undulating climbing trail - in fact, it felt like the Nomad to climb. I ran the SB6 down a familiar (albeit wet and slippery) downhill, and found it quite skittish. I know that some time tweaking would help it be more composed, but if I attempted to use the brakes at any time in the rough stuff it just spanked me for it and told me to let go. Which I did, and it just skipped over the top in what I perceived to be a vaguely scary way - it didn't have anything like the "oh yeah, we can do that - just point me however you want and I'll take it from here" attitude of the Nomad. So, what I'm driving at here is this: I love my Nomad to bits, but can you think of any way to make it respond better when it comes to sprinting time (I'm thinking of trying a dhx2 - I hear the coil helps the Nomad sit up better in its travel), or if I want a more spry race bike that handles the steep stuff, do I just need to get used to the Yeti? (or can you recommend a different frame that might tread this line a little better?) Cheers, and sorry for the long-winded explanation (and I appreciate that you probably don't want to answer this, but, I value your opinion).

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