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June 18, 2014, 12:04 p.m. -  giddyupPG

#!markdown You're certainly not wrong. I know nothing about the situation in the sea-to- sky corridor, but builders need to realize that, if they are building without permission on either crown or private land, they have absolutely no claim to the trail or land that it traverses. They decide to take on the risk associated with building illegally, and if people start finding the trail (inevitable), there is no reason for them to be upset. Sure, they've put in the hours, and can ask people to respect their work, but the trails are, purely and simply, illegal. If building on their own property, then of course they can expect others to stay off of it. I'm certain that this is not what the article author is talking about, though. I generally adhere to the "guidelines" in the article, but try to advocate the idea of "trails for all" and not "trails for only locals with the right connections".

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