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June 18, 2014, 8:41 p.m. -  Grant MacDonald

#!markdown I love riding hard to reach / under the radar trails as much as anyone, but I'll never play the localism / elitist douchebag card in the name of patch protection. I'll show anyone & everyone a sick trail regardless of who they are / where they're from. Theres nothing more embarrassing to the sport of MTB than the righteous & bitchy attitudes that pirate trail builders & some local riders hold towards 'other' riders. Wooow !!! "You know of a secret loamy trial, tell me again how cool & hardcore you are, Can I please be your friend so I can have the honor of riding it" If you build an illegal, pirate trail on public land, you have absolutely zero rights in terms of what happens to that trail or how it is used. You accept the risk of it getting found / ridden / changed / strava-ed when you build it. If you want to keep your localism / elitist douchebag bubble intact, go build on your private land where you can actually control access. Please dont let us become like surfers,

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