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May 28, 2014, 11:04 p.m. -  SHoreDad

#!markdown I think I'm missing duct tape in my pack. I ride alone a lot on the shore so I plan ahead. Here is what's in my bag Dakine AMP 18 Hydration Pack Contents… Iphone using cyclemeter gps app Also have a timex gps computer on the bar Qenergyx2 Builders bar Some empty ziplock bags for ? 2xpks power gummies 1/4roll TP 3oz bottle of Fireball (medicinal use only;) handwarmers lighter wilderness 2day first aid kit 26er tube, can be used on 650b in a pinch pump Patch kit with metal tire levers and presta to Schrader adaptor (case is wrapped in velcro straps for emergy use) Topeak D2 digital gauge WC digital shockpump Multitool with chain tool Powerlink tool Mini leatherman Nytrl gloves 3 pr also useful in the cold 1/2dz 5 inch zap straps taped together Ultralight dakine shield jacket Thin helmet beanie

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