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Jan. 29, 2015, 5:19 p.m. -  Peter Leeds

#!markdown Again, very well written, and I cannot find fault with the cogent points. Moreover, it seems to me that the actions are done in "their" own back yards (despite the fact I was born and raised in Lynn Valley twice as long as the Kraals have lived there, does that mean I own twice as much?) the real issues of life go unabated. Life is to short for hate, fights or anger. But clearly, some have no other way of expressing a deeper psychosis of anger, frustration and misaligned hate. I see this mentality in Monica Craver as well (not even from North Van, but Ontario, but apparently she knows better) and there is ALWAYS going to be the Monica's. the Kraals et al. Personally, I hope Mrs Kraal gets the book thrown at her as an example, and this will all stop and sabotage will be seen for what it is. Then perhaps more will think twice of being the "Steward of the Forest" when they cannot even be the stewards of their own tempered thoughts. We will see.

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