YouTube Roundup 3 – Glorious DH Bikes, Wild DH Racing & Some Jumps

The Most Dialled Custom DH Bike Build, Ever?

Who doesn't like bike porn? There are so many tasty looking build videos and photos on the internet now that it's hard to stand out, but this one certainly does. This is possibly the most insane Santa Cruz I've ever seen and it definitely is the most glossy V10! It probably takes the cake for the most carbon used in a bike build, too. The video is shot at the same level as the build and is well worth the time to view in its entirety.

Ben Cathro Breaking in His New Santa Cruz V10

For those that aren't aware, Cathro used to be a World Cup downhill racer. He's got mad skills on the bike and does heaps of coaching to share his knowledge and experience with other riders. But it's his YouTube/social media status that's getting him the hookups now and Santa Cruz just fired him the brand new V10 29er. This is his first ride on the bike and the track looks great for breaking in a new rig. Heaps of variety to give a good account of how it's setup. His insights, as always, are well worth a listen.

Matt Jones' Cherished Woburn Trails Revamped & Ripped

Matt Jones is an English dirt jumper/freerider who has blown up in recent years. He competes in some Crankworx and FMB slopestyle events but hasn't performed as well as he could. That's meant he's still flying under the radar a little. Watching him ride classic trails is more enjoyable anyway I reckon, and he's just finished helping rebuild the UK's classic Woburn Trails. The locals threw a jam and tons of heavy hitters came to play, including Sam Reynolds and Bernard Kerr.

Deakin & Some Funny Behind the Scenes at Peaty's Steel City Downhill

Peaty's Steel City Downhill race has become a must hit for many UK downhillers. While nothing is overly wild on the track, there's still plenty to challenge racers and entertain the peanut gallery. Ben Deakin is often involved in the gallery and he shows us some hilarious and scary things happening behind the scenes of Peaty's annual event.

Sketchy Roots Galore – iXS Cup Round 2, Kranjska Gora Slovenia

Why can't we have a track like this in the World Cup? Not sure we need to see a race this wet—or whether racers are keen to get in on that—but the track looks incredible. It's absolutely riddled with roots leaving riders with limited options for brake points. The dirt doesn't look like it provides much in the way of traction either…

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