Youtube Roundup #2 - Snow in the Bike Park?

Words Cam McRae
Date Mar 8, 2019

There is a lot more snow than this right now - since this video was shot in October. In fact there is a lot more snow on the North Shore right now, but it's not too early to start hankering for A-Line. And yes - there are a few vids of people boarding and skiing down Aline - but it's just too flat and slow for actual snow sports.

Here is Nate Hills following the always entertaining Jeff Kendall-Weed down Sedona's iconic Hangover Trail. Lots of exposure and steepness flavoured by spectacular vistas. If you have been snowed in most of the winter and you're considering a destination for some winter riding, Sedona can be pretty sweet but... it sometimes snows in the desert and some North Van riders found that out the hard way recently.

You are going to have to be a bit of a race nerd to appreciate this one - since it's Ben Cathro racing as a privateer at Fort William. He has to install Cushcore (in record time?), swap a rim and basically work his ass off the night before and the morning of the race.

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