Yoann Barelli to Commencal & Dakine

Video Dakine
Date Jan 4, 2017
Yoann Barelli has been on the radar as an EWS racer for quite a few years now, but the last two have seen some breakout successes for the young Frenchman. More recently, his wild riding and cinematic antics have created even more notoriety. Now that he’s moved on from Giant Factory Racing, we received word that his new bike sponsor is Commencal and Dakine has also announced that Yoann Barelli is the latest addition to their team as well. Their release and a fun vid are both below.

Dakine is excited to announce today the signing of Yoann Barelli to its international bike team. Based in Whistler, BC and holding the honor of being one of the top ten Enduro bikers in the world, Barelli will represent Dakine in his apparel, gloves, backpacks and protection pads.

Lots of rider movement from brand to brand this year, and some big ones yet to be announced…

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