Yoann Barelli + North Shore Billet: Down Days

With the changing seasons, our local riding slows as Winter approaches. The culmination of Canadian Thanksgiving weekend coincides with the lifts stopping their tireless laps on the mountain. Energy levels swing from high to low as the cooler temperatures sink in.

NSBillet: "Basing our company in Whistler has its perks; perhaps the biggest is the lift-accessed riding available to our staff. Our proximity to one of the world’s largest mountain bike parks has generated quite a hefty amount of riding talent from the team machining our parts at North Shore Billet.

But Yoann Barelli is seldom low on energy and quickly reminds the N.S.B. team to look beyond the Whistler Valley. Coast Gravity Park remains open most of the year, and its location on B.C.’s Sunshine Coast often sees more favourable weather conditions. Down days missing the Whistler Bike Park can be alleviated by riding C.G.P. with a great crew.”

I Just love this kind of projects with brands, it gives a sense of the passion they have for this sport and it feels damn good. That day was a pure blast, these boys are pure shredders, good vibe, and I felt like I was more comfortable in the air than usual, especially on flat pedals haha, PUMPED !!

Cheers again to Chris, Sam, Ryan, David, Haiden, Corey and Coast Gravity Park for the rad day :)

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NSB makes dope shit and Supersuckers FTW!


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