Won’t Back Down

Won’t Back Down documents one of the most iconic men in mountain biking, Steve Peat. Produced by Clay Porter and John Lawlor this one will be a visual treat to accompany the story.

From his humble beginnings in his hometown of Sheffield, England, Steve Peat has established himself as one of the worlds most iconic cyclists. Peaty has been competing at the top level in his chosen sport of downhill mountain bike racing for the past 23 years, longer than the lifetime of many of his current competitors. Through 20 years of archival footage and photos and intimate interviews with Steve, his family, close friends and competitors, Won’t Back Down takes viewers on a captivating tour of the history of the sport of downhill mountain bike racing and offers a never-before-seen view into the life and legacy of this enduring icon.


23 years at the top… you know Peaty’s got his fair share of stories to tell.

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I heard a "track" call from behind me in Wharncliffe Woods one day, slowed (even more than I already was) and pulled to on side. Heard "thanks" as some tall lanky guys over took with a couple of pedal strokes and then a "follow my line" so I did. I thought to myself "this guy is fast!!!" but did my best, luckily the leaves were off the trees so I could keep him in sight.

Got to the bottom of the (very short) DH track there to realise that I had been 'following' Steve Peat.

Great chat about his racing on the push back up the hill (you push back up what you just rode in a lot of cases - no chair lift assist at Wharncliffe) and some really friendly pointers on where to get more traction and shave some time through lines that I would never have seen.

An all round nice guy just out for some local training (when at home) & happy to chat to fellow mountain bikers on the push back up the hill.



I first met Peaty at one of the World Cups at Grouse and again later the same year at Interbike, and he was easy to talk to and friendly. Spent a bit more time in his presence at the V10c launch in Italy last November - riding during the day, eating and drinking and getting done in by grappa at night. Nothing but class, but not afraid to cut loose and have fun - in fact, it seems to continue to be his MO. It's for good reason that his Worlds win in 2009 was the most popular win of all time.



rad guy 🙂

first raced him DH in 1993 in North-East England

of a field of 320 racers, he came 1st on rigid Kona, I came 11th on prototype 'Bombproof' full suspension bike, he literally whipped all of our asses that day!

never met the guy personally, but heard nothing but positive things about his great attitude and warmth from people that have met him over the many years since that race.


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