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Wolf Tooth Components 2018

Words Zach White
Photos Zach White
Date Sep 28, 2017

Not to start a thread about the pros and cons of SRAM Reverbs, but the idea of omitting one of the two hydraulic systems on the dropper post doesn't sound like a bad idea. Wolf Tooth Components does just that with the new Sustain, which replaces all things SRAM from the Pop-it to the handlebar. An immediate result is a noticeably quicker dropper return on the cable-actuated remote, and a claimed improvement in performance in inclement weather without temperature-sensitive seals and/or oil in the mix. It also makes maintenance beyond the Pop-it much more user friendly with a standard shifter cable and housing.


Not pictured, but included, are cable and housing along with the Sustain lever and Pop-it connector.

wolf Tooth Components

You an order the Sustain Lever with either a bar clamp, a SRAM Matchmaker X, Shimano IS AB or IS-AB and the product will work with either an A2 or B Reverb.

Lever options are I-spec A, B and 2, as well as Matchmaker, and the Sustain comes in two versions specific to A or B Reverbs. Regardless of interface choice, all options use a Delrin axle for the lever to pivot on, which is designed to break first in the event of a bad day, resulting in a $5 fix, verses a much more expensive replacement cost of the entire remote lever assembly. Competitive with SRAM's a la carte remote lever price of $95, a Sustain will set you back $90-100, depending on lever choice, and comes with a polished stainless steel cable as well as housing. More info here.

wolf Tooth Components

Are anodized skewers back in full force? The Fox Boost version weighs just 53g while the RockShox version is 47g. More info here.

Wolf Tooth is also offering several front axles that are keyed for a 6mm Allen and come in blue, black, or red. They should save a bit of weight in addition to providing what they say is a cleaner option to QR's. Available now, they Wolf Axles retail for $40.

wolf Tooth Components

Wolf Tooth adds a Lightweight chain whip as a complement to their Lightweight 1-inch Hex and Bottom Bracket tool. It’s available now for $45, and comes in red only - and definitely not blue, according to the Wolf Tooth guys. It weighs just 170g. Check it.

For all things Wolf Tooth hit this.

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