Wheels for All - WTB Launch the Proterra Lineup

Date Jan 27, 2021

With high-end wheelsets sporting a stratospheric price tag being the norm these days, it's refreshing to see a company take a swing at the other end of the market. WTB has pitched their new Proterra lineup as a quality wheel that won't break the bank, or leave you stranded at the side of the trail. Offered in 4 different widths, WTB is aiming for gravel riders and MTB afficiandos alike with the Proterra. Read on below for the press release, and all the details straight from the source.

WTB now offers complete wheels at an affordable price! Proterra mountain and gravel wheels are available individually or as a $649.90 wheelset that performs well above its pay grade. Every Proterra hub uses high-quality bearings and a responsive six-pawl freehub design with 3.7 degrees of engagement to deliver the performance you expect of a high-end wheelset without the high-end price tag. Eliminating the frustrations that come with proprietary parts, Proterra wheels combine the simplicity of double butted J-bend spokes with the dependability of Sapim secure lock nipples. Even maintenance should be a positive experience, which is why all Proterra hubs are easily serviced without the need for fancy tools.

WTB Proterra MTN Wheels 1.jpg

Proterra rims are extruded from WTB’s premier 6069 aluminum alloy to optimize strength while a bead blast finish and durable water-transfer decals keep your wheels looking fresh. All of this ensures WTB Proterra wheels provide the compliance you expect on the first ride and the longevity you demand for every ride that follows.

WTB Proterra MTN Wheels 2.jpg

Is Proterra Light or Proterra Tough right for you? Proterra Light wheels in gravel-ready 23 and 25mm widths check all the boxes of a fast and light alloy wheelset while the trail-focused 27mm width is optimal for trail bikes with 2.25-2.5” tires. Proterra Tough wheels feature a wider 30mm internal rim width to maximize tire volume while increasing sidewall support at lower pressures. Proterra Tough is the perfect replacement wheelset for those who want peace of mind while bashing their way down rowdy trails as everything else blurs by in the periphery.


Every Proterra wheel benefits from our TCS (Tubeless Compatible System) 2.0 system and ships with the Solid Strip, TCS tubeless tape and black alloy valves already installed. This means all Proterra wheels are ready for tubeless tires and sealant right out of the box. The integral component of our TCS 2.0 system is the Solid Strip, which is a durable strip that lies beneath the tape, prevents it from sagging at the spoke holes, makes it easier to mount a tire and protects from puncture in the case of a broken spoke. In the end, WTB’s innovative Solid Strip results in a more robust tubeless system that increases reliability and is easier to set up.

WTB Proterra MTN Wheels 7.jpg

We believe you shouldn’t have to smash your piggy bank in order to ride dependable products, which is why every Proterra Light or Tough front wheel has an $294.95 MSRP while each rear wheel carries an MSRP of $354.95. Proterra wheels are currently in stock at our California wheel building facility where every wheel is hand-built at the base of Mount Tamalpais.

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