Wet and Wild Fun in the Sun

Summer’s here, and that can only mean one thing. BBQ’s, hitting the beach, and trying not to get too horrendously sunburnt. To get you into that summer groove, we’ve snagged some suntastic videos for your Weekend Warmup viewing pleasure.

Marathoner’s Worst Nightmare

Wait, what happened to that guy?

Climbing With Giants

We’re not exactly sure if the YDS grades apply to a growing tree.

Make Your Own Shortcut

Road bikes aren’t boring if you ride ‘em like this.

The Best Water Slide in the World

Three words: We want one.

11-Year-Old Sends Better than Anyone

We already knew that tweens go bigger on bikes than most people, but did you know they also send harder climbs than you do too?

A Vision of the American West

Usually videographer Ryan Navazio is hard at work filming the latest and greatest in the BMX world. He took a road trip with his gear during a break, and we’re sure glad he did.

Maybe it’s time to pack up the van and have a road trip of our own…

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Agree with you, Mary. Like a real man I liked The Best Water Slide in the World video the most. Gonna share it on my blog



All those videos are great! Especially I liked the one about climbing in the woods, that was awesome. Well done. These videos show what life can be outside the city walls. I think many of us would like to get the urban life behind but we all have something that holds us. It can be job, material things or as it's in my case it is study. I often ask myself: "Can someone write my paper for me so I could feel free?".


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