Welcome to the Race Face Team - Peter Jamison

If you follow any amount of mountain bike media, Peter Jamison is likely a name you’ve seen pop up more than a few times. The 23-year-old is already an accomplished filmmaker and photographer having worked with some of the biggest names in the Utah Freeride scene such as Jaxson Riddle, Tyler McCaul and Bas Van Steenbergen. But Jamison is also a skilled freeride mountain biker himself with a penchant for building and riding features that aren’t just gnarly, but also look great on camera. To celebrate his joining the Race Face Team of athletes, Jamison called up some of his favourite filmmaker friends, headed up to the local hills in Utah and proceeded to make some magic. Welcome to the team, Peter.

"I settled into life in Utah back in September of 2022 and it’s been such a treat. After living most of my time out of a van since 2018, having a house to kick back in feels amazing. It’s the little things; hot water all the time, a reliable shipping address, room for extra bike parts and being able to have enough power for the espresso machine. Life is good, and I am very thankful.

Transitioning from a full-time filmmaker to an athlete has been an interesting shift over the past few years. While there were some setbacks, 99 percent of the time my experience as a filmmaker is super advantageous. I understand every step of the creative process from the initial build (of a trail or feature) to the final video export. When I began creating videos of my own riding, my film background opened so many doors. I already owned all the necessary equipment, I was able to step in and edit if needed, and I knew the exact people I wanted to hire to film with me."

peter builds

"Building my own unique features is something that is so important to me, and over the last year or so, these builds have had a substantial role in my development as an athlete. When we began working on Perspective last winter, that was the first time I had a team of builders (Cole Nichol and Dillon Butcher) to work with, and it really opened my eyes to which ideas were possible.

I hope to bring an artistic image to the team in 2023. I love creating in all aspects of my life whether it’s through film, photo, riding, digging, or building bikes. With Race Face, I get to do all those things. For the future, I’m most excited to continue perfecting my craft and working on myself as an individual. As a producer, I am thankful I can hire my friends to work with me and I treat everyone with the respect they deserve."

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