Weekend Warmup 114

Date Mar 11, 2021

Pandemic Pandemonium (Vanzacs)

"A couple of blue collar blokes out for a dusty Sunday ride in every sense of the word."

The Vanzacs include some incredibly talented bike riders, including their unknown friends. The entire crew challenged themselves in their latest video, getting seriously steep and deep in New Zealand. Dry, loose conditions and a bunch of relatively loose characters make this one entertaining video. And you know, if it looks steep on video, it's probably damn near vertical!

Mitch Payton Unplugged (Fox Racing)

What is considered the finish line, when winning isn’t enough? Mitch Payton founded Pro Circuit in 1978 with a desire to manufacture motorcycle pipes and accessories that can improve performance enough to achieve the greatest results. After years of championships and developing numerous stars of the sport, Mitch’s never-ending journey and desires remain the same: Win.

“Yeah, you get to run the number one plate, but they take it away in December.” – Mitch Payton

Mitch is a true legend of the MX world and his team has included a few of the greatest racers of all time. This is a wonderfully edited piece giving insights into his career, how he ended up in a wheelchair, and his thoughts on racing.

The Last Time I Return To The Mega Tree Gap (Matt Jones)

"This build and ride series has been nuts. I never thought it would become so challenging and confusing. The quest to ride down a Douglas Fir tree on my dirt jump bike has caused me some massive crashes, concussions and lots of digging and trail building. So I've returned to Chicksands Bike Park to finish the job. Let's see how this one goes…"

Yes, another Matt Jones video but it's also another great one. Matt gives viewers great insight to the fear and mental challenge of dealing with a tricky setup that's taken him down a couple of times already. He already said he was done with this setup and was going to let it have the better of him, but as time went by and after returning several times to stare at the setup, he changed his tune.

Off-season Testing: Front Center/Rear Center Ratios

"One of the major things on my list to test on my bike was the reach and chainstays since I am able to adjust both. I wanted to know what the feeling would be like and get familiar with all of my options so I am prepared for any track and any condition." – Neko Mulally

Front center and rear center length, and how they relate to one another is all the rage at the moment. It's honestly great to see because one length from XS through to XXL makes zero sense. But thanks to adjustable geometry some riders are experimenting further. Neko is a rider who seems quite in tune with his bikes but also enjoys seeing what's possible and getting to understand first-hand what the changes mean for him on the trail. This is another great video from Neko, discussion the changes he made and how they affected his experience on the trail.

Stranded in one-wheel drive on QLD’S Toughest 4WD Track – Darryl vs Pony on Big Red (4WD 24-7)

"'Daryl' and 'The Pony' are back, and we've taken them straight to the toughest track in QLD; Big Red in the Glasshouse Mountains. This insane 4WD track has claimed plenty of more worthy rigs but this dirty GQ Patrol and LN106 Hilux are going to give it a red hot crack.

These rigs have come a long way since the first budget 4WD challenge, the Pony has had a complete budget build treatment in Jocko's garage while Daryl has some brand new custom made bar work, and a trick or two up his stinky old sleeves!

We had proper fun on this one, give it a watch and let us know when you're going to have a go at big red." – 4WD 24-7

Two budget built four-wheel drives – under 10K AUD including purchase cost – tackle a track that would be tricky to ride down on a mountain bike. Enjoy the carnage that unfolds and see who made it out.

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Ceecee  - March 12, 2021, 11:58 a.m.

Mulally seems more focused on reach:rear center, despite the aggressive titling


AJ Barlas  - March 12, 2021, 4:27 p.m.

True, to an extent. But he isn't changing his headangle, so his front centre is remaining the same throughout.


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