Weekend Warmup - Nearly the Holidays Edition

Tahnee Seagrave - Unplugged

Tahnee Seagrave has one of the most recognizable faces in pro downhill racing. And while every second counts in a race run, as Tahnee’s pre-race routine demonstrates, it’s not just what you do on your run that counts – it’s everything that leads up to it.

Porsche 959: A Supercar Years Ahead Of Its Time

Head a few hours north of Los Angeles to catch up with Bruce Canepa and his Porsche 959. It’s one of the rarest cars to wear the company’s crest, but he’s certainly no stranger to the thing—after spending over a decade trying to find the legal loopholes necessary to put one on the road in the United States, one tends to form a bond, become familiar. The 959 has been duly lauded for decades as one of the most advanced and ambitious supercars ever produced, but beyond all that it may have also saved the beloved 911 by showing the world what could be achieved with a rear-engine design.

Nate Hills - Telegraph Trail

The trail system in Richfield, Utah is truly special. After riding Spinal Tap last week, Telegraph was an absolute must to check out. James Weingarten keeps logging those FollowCamFriday frequent flyer miles. If you were wondering what time it is, it's stack 30.

Reforesting the Ocean with SeaTrees

The health of our oceans is at the core of the global climate crisis 🌎 SeaTrees (@sea.trees) and Sustainable Surf (@sustainsurf) are on a mission to restore and preserve the natural vegetation of the sea by directly supporting local, community-lead restoration projects to aid in the rejuvenation of ocean life 🌿 Check out SeaTrees and Sustainable Surf, get involved, and be the change you want to see in the livelihood of our blue planet.

The 2021 Transition Company Trip

Here at Transition Bikes, our culture is as important as our product. Over the last two years we have grown more than all of our previous years combined, now totaling 38 employees. With 26 spread across our product, marketing, sales and customer service teams, and 12 at our TR Outpost bike shop. We have always been a company run by riders, so every year we shut down the HQ, and go somewhere new for a few days to hang out, enjoy some good food, and most importantly, ride our bikes!

A Dog's Life - Dream Trails in Dyfi

How many trails out there deserve to be rated a "Triple Black"? In episode 3, Brendog is joined by Dyfi trailbuilding mastermind Dan Atherton, MTB Hall of Fame inductee Rachel Atherton, and a long list of local shredders intent on going huge for the latest episode of "A Dog's Life". When the cameras come out, this line-up sure knows how to put on a show!

Johannesburg Parkour - Dom di Tommaso Plays in the The City Of Gold

Dom Tomato is back with another out of this world freerunning adventure across the golden city of Johannesburg. Putting his parkour skills to the test, he has to complete all four levels of the game and string together trick combinations and huge jumps.

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