Weekend Warmup - Launch Editon

Date Nov 19, 2021

Crunchy People

In the parlance of our times, the Chilcotins, if you are to believe social media, have been done. Ridden, rated, reviewed and photographed to no end. They’re an awesome place to ride bikes, but some would say documented to death. But don’t believe all you read - there’s still a lot more to discover.

So in the spirit of adventure, we made some calls to local 7mesh ambassadors Laura Battista, Megan O’Brien and Angie McKirdy, mapped out a route and headed up to the often overlooked Shulaps Range for one last adventure before the alpine shut down.

We gratefully acknowledge that this journey took place on the unceded and traditional territories of the Tŝilhqot’in Nation.

Good Morning - Richard Permin

Certain days can be really original… They depend on where you live and what you do! Richard Permin’s everyday life for instance is definitely out of the ordinary. In Good Morning, Richard endlessly repeats his morning routine. Right after getting out of bed, he clicks into his skis and rides down the snow-covered rooftops of Avoriaz. Richard is throwing one backflip after another at a vertiginous height before executing insane tricks on the wooden facades and in the streets of the French ski resort.

Flight Mode - Tom Pages

FMX legend Tom Pagès keeps making history by pushing the limits of his sport. After reinventing FMX on land, he combines freestyle motocross and freefall off a 135m cliff in Avoriaz, France.

The Pacific Northeast w/ Myles Trainer

Myles Trainer grew up three thousand miles away, on the opposite side of our country. Hailing from Vermont, he grew up riding the slippery leaves that region is famous for. Now living in Bellingham, and working for Transition Bikes, they got out to film with him here during the short window of trail conditions that he knows best.

Segment - Thomas Estaque

If Thomas Estaque dreamed of a track, what would it look like?

A few weeks ago, dig crews worked the land in Utah to build the best possible line for their Rampage riders. In Ariège, France, PEF along with Thomas Estaque and his crew have been shaping their own playground. Here's their take on the perfect track, the COMMENCAL Segment!

Since filming, Thomas and the shape team have redeveloped the trail to make it accessible to the entire community.

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