Weekend Warmup - Go Far Edition

Picking Your Own Path

Knolly rider, Dylan Crane, wanted to see just how far he could take his Cache Steel before he was over his head… turns out, he has yet to find that point. The Cache is plenty capable and he had a lot of fun making this short edit.

Brett Rheeder - Off the Grid

This past August, Brett Rheeder plotted a remote mission on the new Trek Rail with the updated Bosch smart system. The crew carefully selected and permitted some remote locations in British Columbia where they could take full advantage of the new electric mountain bike.

Glory Daze ft. Reece Wallace

The 90s and early 2000s were the glory days of freeride. Skinnies, ladder bridges, and teeter totters paved the way for riders like Reece Wallace to carve his own path. Extrapolating from old-school freeride, he drew inspiration to build new features which paid homage to this past in 'Glory Daze'.

Speed, Distance, Time

A family camping trip offered the perfect opportunity for Wade Simmons and Thomas Vanderham to test out their new Powerplays. Wade went the distance, exploring the rugged Rocky Mountain alpine on his Instinct Powerplay, while Thomas pushed his Altitude Powerplay to warp speed, hammering corners and sending every double that laid in front of him. All while saving time to hit the links, search for some trout, and get some quality family time in.

Madeira is Trail Heaven

A Dog's Life is back, and what better place to step off the new season than what is known to many as one of the best natural trail-riding locations in Europe? Leaving no stone unturned and no corner un-roosted, Brendan and Olly explore the Portuguese island of Madeira, highlighting just how incredible this place is for a bike-themed getaway.

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