Weekend Warmup - All Out Edition

Date Dec 17, 2021

Building a Bike from Scrap Metal

Paul Firbank aka The Rag and Bone Man is a man of many (mad) DIY skills. His ability to convert scrap metal to works of art originates from a life-long desire to design & weld bike frames. This being said he had never constructed a single one before being approached with a challenge to build a unique gravity bike from anything he can get his hands on. A bed frame, a broken bike, a fighter jet cone and a killer paint job by Max Paternoster later, he ended up with something truly fast and different.

Jeremy Jones and Co. in Shredtober

From Opening day at Mammoth Mountain, to exploring High Sierra hallways, the 2021/22 season started of with a bang! Join Jeremy Jones, Forrest Shearer, Jimmy Goodman, Chris Christenson, Marcus Cassidy, and Dave Faustini for an epic Shredtober adventure!

Danny MacAskill & Matt Jones Bring the Surprises at Rampage

Pro mountain bikers Matt Jones & Danny MacAskill surprised random people with the ultimate Red Bull Rampage experience, including helicopters, desert UTV's and awesome MTB trails before sitting back and enjoying the live show.

Made for This

V-RAPTOR captures professional SX & MX racer TJ Rios in his preparation for the 2022 season. Shot on a mix of resolutions and frame rates with the new flagship DSMC3 camera system and all-new multi-format sensor.

Ella Connolly - Keep Riding

From early spring to autumn, start gate to finish line, the world of enduro racing is intense. Around every corner, through every pedal section and down every drop, there’s reward for those prepared to push and risk for those who push too hard. In winter, however, things slow down. Nature regenerates, and so do we. It’s a time to relax, re-evaluate and rebuild. A time to switch off, before switching on again. After several seasons on the EWS circuit, Ella Conolly knows this well, and on her home trails in Scotland she’s focused on one thing: the section straight ahead of her.

Adam Hopkins - Concrete Continuum

"Beyond his skills on a skateboard, Adam Hopkins embodies the apotheosis of versatility. Whether standing atop a podium or hauling buckets of scum of out of a backyard pool, he brings the same infectious determination and enthusiasm to any situation. Forged by the frigid winds of Northern Ontario, Hopkins is a rambling man with a warrior’s soul, and the miles left to cover are many." - Stepan Soroka.

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