Weekend Warmup

Huck (v.) – To recklessly throw ones self into the air using any given object as a launching pad. This edition of Weekend Warmup is all about the monster hucks, whether it’s rocket powered snowboards, knee-crunching skateboard drops, or BASE jumping a snowmobile. So what are you waiting for, go on and huck yourself!

Surfing the Silver Dragon

Riding a Tidal Bore through the middle of a city seems like a pretty awesome experience.

Rocket Powered Snowboard

When you need to get away from the Ski Patrol in a hurry…

One of those Mineral Laps

We didn’t know you could fit that many cliff hucks into one run.

Criddler on the Roof

How the hell is Jaws still walking after all that?

Tundra Trials

Finland, the home of massive ice palaces, endless snow, and quality trials riding.

Anthony Derosa 2015 Video

Some massive hucks and big combos pretty much guarantee you’ll be watching this a few times.

Snowmobile BASE Jump

When you want to take your cliff jumping skills to the next level while simultaneously retiring Shane McConkey’s snowmobile, this is how you do it.

I guess you could say that snowmobile got a *puts sunglasses on* send-off.

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How does Jaws walk after all those flat landings? Simple, he's young. Ask him same question in about 20-30 years.



Thanks…got me ready for some snow huckin'.


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