Weekend Warmup

Cringes, crashes and cheers. We’ve all done stuff that’s pretty bad, whether it’s karaoke, crash, or crash big. The flip side to that is the cheer; somehow pulling it off despite all the odds. This edition of Weekend Warmup has both, so squeamish viewers consider yourselves warned.

Hall of Meat: Eli Reed

Trying to jump a picnic table and hoping your board will be there on the other side is a rather bold strategy.

Up on the Mountains.

The FIS have released a song. It is awful. Just. Awful. If anyone asks what “euro” is, just show them this video.

Worst of Crooked World BMX

Something about the classical Spanish guitar just makes this…

Dakar Rally Mishap

Canuck racer Matt Campbell suffered a mild case of “Car flipping over multiple times” at this year’s Dakar Rally.

Bail to Bodysurf?

Could be one of the best surfing recoveries caught on film.

One of those Days 2 – Candide Thovex

Just another day in the life at the local resort.

Hey, if some guy just cuttied in front of us at the lift line, we’d be upset too. Especially if he had that much style.

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