Weekend Warmup

Date May 17, 2013

The Whistler Bike Park opening is finally here! You can nearly taste the dirt!


Our 2012 NSMB team video was a Whistler classic last year. Featuring Richard Sizzler, Rod Rudiger and more! (Feel free to skip to 3:48 for riding…if you have no heart)

Deep Summer Slideshow: Adrian Marcoux

This slideshow was premiered 2 years ago, but it not to be forgotten. Anyone else really dig this tune?

Brandon Semenuk in 1,000 FPS

Watching Brandon is fun. But is it more fun ~40 times slower? It’s arguable…

Mark & Reece Shred the WBP

This was shot before Mark Matthews was an NSMB stud. He was just a normal stud in this video.

How To: Procrastinate

Ian Morrison & Nick Geddes showed us how to procrastinate and also how to scrub like a boss on Dirt Merchant. I still remember watching that scrub for the first time… and rewinding and watching several more times.

Who’s riding the park? Give us a shout if you see an NSMB jersey!

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Jdot  - May 17, 2013, 9:19 a.m.

POWER is still my favourite of all time


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