Weekend Warmup

Date Aug 28, 2014

We like big things here at NSMB. Big jumps, big boosts, and big seasons. That’s why we decided to jumbo-size this edition of Weekend Warmup with some of the biggest things we could find. So bust out your elastic waistband pants, and ask, nay DEMAND that they supersize that…

Alex Boyd and the Brose Farm Edit

Supremely steep jumps, big boosts, and absurdly tight jeans.

Precision POV Flight in the Alps

Those who get motion sickness easily may want to have a trashcan handy as Hannes Arch turns the pucker factor way up.

Cody Shepherd’s 2014 Season

Cody puts in some hard work on both coasts after recovering from a blown ACL.

Laird Hamilton shooting Malibu Pier

Threading Malibu Pier is no small feat. Doing it with waves that big is certifiably insane.

The Traslins’ Never-ending Shred

Forget 100-day seasons, the Traslins are going on 95 months straight of self-access skiing.

Mathias Giraud Ski BASE on Mt. Hood

Sometimes you have to go back to where it all started, especially if “it” is BASE jumping, and it nearly killed you the last time you did it.

Mountain Babes – Sparks Lakes Oregon

SUP and yoga never looked like so much fun…

We’re willing to go SUP-ing if it looks like that…

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Poo Stance  - Aug. 29, 2014, 7:38 a.m.

Best thing Lairds done since he went on CNN to tell them why he didn't show up in Portugal!


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