Weekend Warmup

Date Aug 7, 2014

Some times you get the bear, other times the bear most assuredly gets you. We’ve got some high-level shenanigans on tap for Weekend Warmup, so settle into the armchair, and grab the first aid kit in case things get out of hand…


Kayak crashes. Yeah no thanks.

Telemark Waterskiing

Because regular waterskiing wasn’t hard enough.

The Ferrari 330 P4

Quite possibly the most gorgeous looking and sounding racecar ever.

Another 10 Year Old Who’s Better Than You

So this kid doesn’t land his tail whips to pedals but we’ll give him a pass. Damn impressive.

Kayakers Lose Control

Going for a dump in a drainage ditch is a bad idea no matter how you slice it…

High Cascades Snowboard Camp

Fun fun fun in the sun with some slushy park shralping.

How to Make a Sick Edit Bingo

Get those dabbers ready folks, and see if you can spot all the clichés we’ve covered in How to Make a Sick Edit

Full Card! Now what does that win me?

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7 years, 10 months ago

Winner…. get this man a popsicle and a horsey ride on grandpa's lap!


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