Weekend Warmup

Date Jul 10, 2014

Music can inspire us, move us to accomplish great feats and achieve lofty goals. It can also be tacked on at the last second, because who wants to hear Go Pro wind rush? Thankfully, there are some decent tunes to be had in this edition of Weekend Warmup…

Don’t Call it a Demo Reel

Whistler cinematographer Brian Hockenstein set out to capture his local stomping grounds in all their 4K resolution glory. This is one of those clips that has truly earned the title of “epic.”

Rock Skiing

Just because there’s no snow, doesn’t mean you can’t go skiing…

You’re Gonna Have A Bad Time

Fork lowers just straight up fall off.

A BASE Jumping Vacation

Nothing says “relax and unwind” like jumping off of things with a parachute.

189 Foot Waterfall In A Kayak

To put things in perspective, the drop here is 22 metres higher than Niagara Falls. Thankfully Tyler Bradt’s not doing it in a barrel.

How to Slidewind

Tim Knoll showing you how to do a trick only he can do…

Fireworks Filmed from a Drone

That’s pretty neat. The music not so much.

Nigel Goes Nude

Is this the same as jumping the shark?

We must apologize – this could be the worst collection of music ever featured in Weekend Warmup.

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Pete Roggeman  - July 11, 2014, 10:28 a.m.

Those ski conditions were another level of "shitfuck".


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