Weekend Warmup

Date Jun 19, 2014

Jumping curbs, ripping through empty streets, sending huge lines. We all have our passions; things that bring a smile to our face. This edition of Weekend Warmup is all about showing off passion projects, so sit back, relax, and get inspired…

Keep On Pushin’

Skateboarding as more than just a sport. It’s good.

Urban Outlaw

Magnus Walker takes his ‘76 930 Turbo out for a thrash in the deserted streets of downtown LA at night. New wheels look fresh, but this one’s all about the sound. If you’re into it, peruse the new gallery at Speedhunters.

Clay Porter + MX = Worth Your Time

This one’s from last year but it’s been making the rounds again this week and is definitely worth revisiting.

Glacier DH Racing

Mass-start DH race on a glacier. What could possibly go wrong?

Loka UL Iceland

Blink and you’ll miss it. Some gorgeous scenery from Iceland in this little clip.

Tyler Fernengel Markit

Fernengel throws down a solid mix of big hits and tech street tricks. Be sure to turn on the HD for this one.

Sometimes 700c Looks Pretty Good

A carbon triple triangle gravel bike with discs and clearance for 35s? Yes please.

Desperate Measures with John Murphy

Some times you gotta get clever in order to keep riding…

Anyone else out there nursing a passion project of their own?

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